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Description Content
module load cae/ansys
Availability bwUniCluster | bwGRiD-Tübingen
License Academic. See: Licensing and Terms-of-Use.
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Links Ansys Homepage | Support and Resources
Graphical Interface Yes

1 Description

ANSYS is a general purpose software to simulate interactions of all disciplines of physics, structural, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electromagnetic etc. For more information about ANSYS products please visit

2 Versions and Availability

A list of versions currently available on all bwHPC-C5-Clusters can be obtained from the

Cluster Information System CIS

On the command line interface of a particular bwHPC cluster a list of all available ANSYS versions can be inquired as followed

$ module avail cae/ansys
-------------------------- /opt/bwhpc/kit/modulefiles --------------------------

The cae/ansys modules are using the KIT license server and is reserved for members of the KIT only.

3 Usage

3.1 Loading the Module

If you wish to load a specific version of ANSYS you can do so by executing e.g.:

$ module load cae/ansys/15.0

to load the version 15.0.

You can load the default version of ANSYS with the command:

$ module load cae/ansys

3.2 Start commands

To start an ANSYS Mechanical session enter

$ ansys150

To launch an ANSYS FLUENT session enter

$ fluent

The following command is to run the ANSYS Workbench

$ runwb2

Online documention is available from the help menu or by using the command

$ anshelp150

As with all processes that require more than a few minutes to run, non-trivial ANSYS solver jobs must be submitted to the cluster queueing system.

4 Examples

4.1 ANSYS Mechanical batch jobs

The following script could be submitted to the queueing system to run an ANSYS Mechanical job in parallel:

module load cae/ansys
export MPIRUN_OPTIONS="-prot"
export MPI_USESRUN=1
cd Arbeitsverzeichnis
export MACHINES=`/software/bwhpc/common/cae/ansys_inc150/scc/`
ansys150 -dis -b -j lal -machines $MACHINES < input.f18

working_dir could start with $HOME or $WORK .

To submit the example script to the queueing system execute the following (32 cores, 1 GB of memory per core, max. time 600 seconds) :

msub -l nodes=2:ppn=16,pmem=1000mb,walltime=600 Shell-Script

4.2 ANSYS Fluent batch jobs

see > "Kurzanleitung" > "#FLUENT-Aufruf_auf_den_Linux-Clustern_des_SCC"

4.3 ANSYS CFX batch jobs

see > "Kurzanleitung" > "#CFX_auf_den_Linux-Clustern_des_SCC"