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1 Introduction

  • Please try to avoid redundancies as far as possible.
  • Generic information should go to Generic Best Practice Users_Guide.

2 System Access

2.1 Registration

Describe registration procedure

  • URL (maybe with screenshots of procedure?)

2.2 Remote Access

  • Login node
  • Describe how to transfer data to system (scp)

3 System Architecture and Configuration

3.1 System Configuration

Describe general system configuration such as

  • Operating system
  • Nodes
  • Interconnect
  • Memory
  • Processor types

3.2 Filesystems

Describe available file systems/storage, e.g.

  • HOME
  • local/global scatch space
  • parallel file system
  • Workspace tools if available

4 User Evironment

  • Default shell
  • System specific environment (e.g. $WORK)

4.1 Batch System

  • Describe batch system configuration, essential user commands, limits, etc.
  • Maybe include example of simple batch script and how to submit.

4.2 Interactive Work

  • How to work interactively (dedicated interactive nodes, submission of interactive jobs)
  • How to do remote visualization.

4.3 Applications

  • Describe applications that are specific for this cluster (more generic applications preferably should go to general Users Guide in order to avoid redundancies)

5 Programming Environment

5.1 Compilers

  • Which compilers are available on system?

5.2 Libraries

  • Which (numerical) libraries are available?

6 Debugging, Performance Analysis and Tuning

  • Describe programming tools and hardware/architecture specific tweaks