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The main documentation is available via module help chem/dalton on the cluster. Most software modules for applications provide working example batch scripts.

Description Content
module load chem/dalton
License GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).
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Graphical Interface No

1 Description

Dalton (named after John Dalton) is an ab initio quantum chemistry computer program designed to to allow convenient, automated determination of a large number of molecular properties based on an HF, HF-srDFT, DFT, MP2, CC, CI, MCSCF, or MC-srDFT reference wave function. For additional information on features please visit the Description of the Dalton suite features web page.

2 Usage

2.1 Loading the module

See Software Modules documentation

2.2 Input Files

For information about how to construct input files (dalinp{.dal} [molinp{.mol} [potinp{.pot}]]) for Dalton, please consult the vendor documentation.

2.3 Environment Variables

Environment variables understood by Dalton:

DALTON_TMPDIR             : scratch directory
DALTON_USE_GLOBAL_SCRATCH : use global scratch directory, do not copy any files to worker nodes
DALTON_NODELIST           : list of nodes, dalton.x will be copied to DALTON_TMPDIR on each node unless
                            DALTON_USE_GLOBAL_SCRATCH is defined
DALTON_LAUNCHER           : launcher for the dalton.x binary (if defined, -N flag not allowed)

2.4 Disk Usage

Scratch files are written to $SCRATCH by default. This configuration option can be changed by setting the environment variable $DALTON_TMPDIR (e.g., to a dedicated workspace) before starting your calculations with Dalton.

3 Examples

As with all processes that require more than a few minutes to run, non-trivial compute jobs must be submitted to the cluster queuing system.

Example scripts are available in the directory $DALTON_EXA_DIR:

$ module load chem/dalton                # load module
$ ls $DALTON_EXA_DIR                     # show content of directory $DALTON_EXA_DIR
$ cat $DALTON_EXA_DIR/README             # show examples README

Run a first simple example job on JUSTUS2:

$ module load chem/dalton                           # load module
$ WORKSPACE=`ws_allocate dalton 3`                  # allocate workspace
$ cd $WORKSPACE                                     # change to workspace
$ cp -a $DALTON_HOME/bwhpc-examples .               # copy example files to workspace
$ cd bwhpc-examples                                 # change to test directory
$ sbatch dalton-2020.0.slurm                        # submit job
$ squeue                                            # obtain JOBID
$ scontrol show job <JOBID>                         # check state of job
$ ls                                                # when job finishes the results will be visible in this directory


Q: What to do if my simulations abort with MEMGET ERROR, insufficient work space in memory ?

A: Increase Dalton's usable work memory with either -mb or -gb on the command line.

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