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Description Content
module load vis/tecplot
Availability bwUniCluster
License KIT-License
Citing n/a
Links Tecplot Homepage
Graphical Interface Yes

1 Introduction to Tecplot

Tecplot 360 2017 analyzes complex data, arranges multiple layouts, and presents your results with brilliant images and animations. It is fast, easy-to-use, memory-efficient and now includes:

  • Tecplot Chorus — explores large data sets composed of multiple solutions or experiments,
  • PyTecplot — speed automation and the ability to link workflows together with a Python API,
  • SZL Server — access remote data with a client-server.

2 Versions and Availability

Two versions are currently available: 2017_r1 and 2017_r2

3 Start

You can start the program chorus by typing

$ chorus --mesa

The program chorus will then be run on the login node.

The program tec360 can't be run on a login node. It must be executed on a batch node by starting an interactive job!
Start an interactive job:

$ msub -I -V -q develop (-q singlenode) 

Execute on the attached node:

$ module add vis/tecplot 
$ tec360 -mesa