2018-09-24: 5th bwHPC Symposium

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Call for Participation in the 5th bwHPC Symposium

On behalf of the bwHPC initiative (www.bwhpc.de) we invite you to participate in the upcoming 5th bwHPC symposium on September 24/25, 2018 hosted at the University of Freiburg. The symposium provides the opportunity to present scientific projects, results or methods that have been carried out, achieved or developed with the support of bwHPC high performance computing resources. The symposium is free of charge and open to researchers from all disciplines. Participation from outside Baden-Württemberg is explicitly encouraged. We would kindly ask to respect the deadlines for submissions to the conference. In particular, for a short paper contribution (1000-6000 words), the respective deadline is 03.06.2018. For registration, submission of contributions and further details, please visit the following website:


We would appreciate your participation in the conference.