BwForCluster Chemistry Acknowledgement

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When preparing a publication describing work that involved usage of any bwForCluster, e.g. the JUSTUS cluster, please ensure that you reference the bwHPC initiative, the bwHPC-C5 project and - if appropriate - also the bwHPC facility itself. The following sample text is suggested as a starting point.

This research was supported in part by the bwHPC initiative and the bwHPC-C5 project[1] provided
through associated compute services of the JUSTUS HPC facility at the University of Ulm.

[1] bwHPC and bwHPC-C5 ( funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and  
the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK) and the Germany Research Foundation (DFG).

In addition, we kindly ask you to notify us of any report, conference papers, journal article, thesis which contains results obtained on any bwHPC resource by sending an email to stating:

  • cluster facility (e.g. JUSTUS)
  • author(s)
  • title or booktitle
  • journal, volume, pages or editors, address, publisher
  • year.

Such recognition is important for acquiring funding for the next generation hardware, support services, data storage and infrastructure.

The publications will be referenced on the bwHPC-C5 website: