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When preparing a publication describing work that involved usage of any bwForCluster, e.g. the JUSTUS cluster, please ensure that you reference the bwHPC initiative, the bwHPC-C5 project and - if appropriate - also the bwHPC facility itself. The following sample text is suggested as a starting point.


The authors acknowledge support by the state of Baden-Württemberg through bwHPC
and the Germany Research Foundation (DFG) through grant no INST 40/467-1 FUGG.

In addition, we kindly ask you to notify us of any reports, conference papers, journal articles, theses, posters, talks which contain results obtained on any bwHPC resource by sending an email to stating:

  • cluster facility (e.g. JUSTUS)
  • RV acronym (e.g. bw14L001)
  • DOI (if available)
  • author(s)
  • title or booktitle
  • journal, volume, pages or editors, address, publisher
  • year.

Such recognition is important for acquiring funding for the next generation hardware, support services, data storage and infrastructure.

The publications will be referenced on the bwHPC-C5 website: