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1 bwUniCluster 2.0 FAQ

1.1 Login Issues

Issue: The "Your OTP:" prompt never appears and the connection hangs/times out instead

Likely cause: You are most likely not on a network from which access to the bwUniCluster 2.0 system is allowed. Please check if you might have to establish a VPN connection first.

Issue: The system asks for the One-Time Password multiple times

Likely cause: Make sure you are using the correct Software Token to generate the One-Time Password.

Issue: The system asks for the service password multiple times

Likely cause: Make sure you are using the service password set on bwIDM and not the password valid for your home institution. Unlike the bwUniCluster 1, the bwUniCluster 2.0 only accepts the service password.

Issue: There is an error message by the skript

Likely cause: Your account is in the "LOST_ACCESS" state because the entitlement is no longer valid, the questionaire was not filled out or there was a problem during the communication between your home institution and the central bwIDM system. Please try the following steps:

  • Log into bwIDM, look for the bwUniCluster entry and click on Registry info. Your "Status:" should be "ACTIVE". If it is not, please wait for ten minutes since logging into the bwIDM causes a refresh and the problem might fix itself. If the status does not change to ACTIVE after a longer amount of time, please contact the support channels.