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The following changes have been introduced during the maintenance interval between on 28.03.2022 (Monday) 08:00 and 31.03.2022 (Thursday) 16:00.

The host key of the system have not changed. You should not receive any warnings by your SSH client(s), but if there should be a warning or if you want to check that you are connecting to the correct system, you can verify the key hashes using the following list:

Algorithm Hash (SHA256) Hash (MD5)
RSA p6Ion2YKZr5cnzf6L6DS1xGnIwnC1BhLbOEmDdp7FA0 59:2a:67:44:4a:d7:89:6c:c0:0d:74:ba:3c:c4:63:6d
ECDSA k8l1JnfLf1y1Qi55IQmo11+/NZx06Rbze7akT5R7tE8 85:d4:d9:97:e0:f0:43:30:6e:66:8e:d0:b6:9b:85:d1
ED25519 yEe5nJ5hZZ1YbgieWr+phqRZKYbrV7zRe8OR3X03cn0 42:d2:0d:ab:87:48:fc:1d:5d:b3:7c:bf:22:c3:5f:b7

1 Hardware

  • All firmware versions on all components have been upgraded

2 Operating system

  • The operating system version is now based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.4. We recommend to re-compile all applications after the upgrade.
  • The Mellanox OFED InfiniBand Stack has been updated.

3 Compilers, Libaries and Runtime Environments

  • The system Python version 3.9 was added. If no other Python module is loaded, the command python3.9 defaults to version 3.9.2, the command python3.8 defaults to version 3.8.6, the commands python3 and python default to version 3.6.8 and the command python2 defaults to version 2.7.18.

4 Userspace tools

  • The hpc-workspace tools have been updated to version 1.3.7.

5 Software Modules

  • The Lmod module system has been upgraded.

6 Batch system

  • The Slurm version has not been changed.

7 Storage

  • The Lustre file systems have been updated.

8 Graphics stack

  • The NVIDIA driver has been upgraded to version 510.47.03.

9 Containers

  • Enroot has been updated to 3.4.0.
  • Singularity has been updated to 3.8.6.

10 JupyterHub

  • Jupyterhub version has been upgraded to 2.2.2.