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1 Access to bwUniCluster/bwForCluster for members of Ulm University

1.1 Login prerequisites

  • A valid kiz account is required for access to bwUniCluster and bwForCluster.
  • As part of the login procedure, you will get a page that shows the data on your account that will be transferred from Ulm University to the cluster. This page shows your entitlements. It should list the entitlement:
    If it does not, please contact the Uni Ulm Helpdesk to receive the entitlement.

1.2 kiz Account

Enrolled students, faculty and staff members of Ulm University usually have a kiz account granting access to kiz compute resources such as the bwUniCluster. In case you don't have such an account please visit the related kiz web pages:

1.3 Terms of Use

As with any other kiz service, users of bwUniCluster must strictly adhere to the kiz terms of use.