BwUniCluster 2.0 Maintenance/2021-10

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The following changes are currently planned for the maintenance interval starting on 11.10.2021 (Monday) at 8 AM and ending on 15.10.2020 (Friday) at 12 AM.

This list will be extended and specified in the next days and weeks and is subject to change

1 Operating system

  • The operating system version will be upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.4. We recommend to re-compile all applications after the upgrade.

2 Compilers, Libaries and Runtime Environments

3 Development tools

4 Userspace tools

  • The workspace tools will be switched to a different, more modern implementation. The workspace management commands will not change, but currently it is still being clarified how existing workspaces will be handled.

5 Software Modules

The following list it not exhaustive.

6 Batch system

7 Storage

  • Upgrade of the Lustre file systems

8 Graphics stack

9 Containers