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The following changes are currently planned for the maintenance interval starting on 11.10.2021 (Monday) at 8 AM and ending on 15.10.2020 (Friday) at 12 AM.

This list will be extended and specified in the next days and weeks and is subject to change

1 Hardware

  • The Broadwell Login nodes ( will be taken out of service permanently due to ongoing hardware and software issues and low utilisation. It is still possible to generate code for the Broadwell nodes using the compilers installed on the normal login nodes, or by starting an interactive job on the Broadwell compute nodes.
  • All firmware versions on all components will be upgraded.

2 Operating system

  • The operating system version will continue to be based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.2.

3 Compilers, Libaries and Runtime Environments

  • The modules below toolkit/oneAPI will be integrated into the normal module structure.
  • The OneAPI versions 2021.1.0 to 2021.3.0 are replaced by the current version 2021.4.0.
  • The obsolete Intel compiler 18.0 is removed.
  • This will leave the Intel Compiler versions 19.0, 19.1 and 2021.4.0.
  • The latest version, namely 2021.4.0, becomes the default compiler.
  • There are two editions of the Intel Compiler version 2021.4.0.
    • The so-called Classic Compilers are based on the previous Intel compilers. They are available via the module compiler/intel/2021.4.0.
    • The next generation of Intel compilers is based on LLVM and will replace the Classic compilers according to Intel plans (see Intel C/C++ compilers complete adoption of LLVM). They are available via the module compiler/intel/2021.4.0_llvm.

4 Development tools

5 Userspace tools

  • The workspace tools will be switched to a different, more modern implementation. The workspace management commands will not change, and all existing workspaces will be converted automatically.

6 Software Modules

The following list it not exhaustive.

  • Update math/R software module to latest version 4.1.x.

7 Batch system

8 Storage

  • Upgrade of the Lustre file systems

9 Graphics stack

  • The NVIDIA driver will be updated to the most recent version available.

10 Containers

11 JupyterHub

  • The JupyterHub version will be updated to a more recent version.