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* [[Hardware and Architecture (bwForCluster JUSTUS 2|Hardware and Architecture]]
* [[Hardware and Architecture (bwForCluster JUSTUS 2)|Hardware and Architecture]]
* [[Hardware_and_Architecture_(bwForCluster_JUSTUS_2#Storage_Architecture|File Systems]]
* [[Hardware_and_Architecture_(bwForCluster_JUSTUS_2)#Storage_Architecture|File Systems]]

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The bwForCluster JUSTUS 2 is a state-wide high-performance compute resource dedicated to Computational Chemistry and Quantum Sciences in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The bwForCluster JUSTUS 2 for Computational Chemistry and Quantum Sciences is a high-performance compute resource with a dedicated high speed interconnect. The hardware design has been specifically optimized in order to ensure high efficiency for applications in these scientific fields.

The JUSTUS 2 bwForCluster for Computational Chemistry and Quantum Sciences located at Ulm University.

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