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* [[BwForCluster_User_Access|bwForCluster Registration]] Procedure and [[bwForCluster_MLS&WISO_Login|Login]] nodes
* [[BwForCluster_User_Access|bwForCluster Registration]] Procedure and [[bwForCluster_MLS&WISO_Login|Login]] nodes
* [[Contact and Support]]
* [[Contact and Support (bwForCluster MLS&WISO)| Contact and Support]] for bwForCluster MLS&WISO
| {{Green}} | Software
| {{Green}} | Software

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The bwForCluster MLS&WISO is a high performance supercomputer dedicated to research in Molecular Life Science, Economics, and Social Sciences as well as scientific computing in methods development. It is intended as an entry level (tier 3) system within the state of Baden-Württemberg's bwHPC initiative. The cluster's production part was built by MEGWARE and its development part by DALCO.

The bwForCluster MLS&WISO is jointly hosted and operated by the compute center of the Universities of Mannheim (RUM), the compute center of the University of Heidelberg (URZ) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) in Heidelberg. One of its outstanding features is the 160 GBit/s long-distance low-latency Infiniband link between both sites, coupling both halves of the cluster's production part to effenctively form a single compute resource.

Submit your planned compute activities to have them assigned to the cluster once it becomes publicly available.
See bwForCluster Registration for details on the procedure.

Batch Compute Jobs
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Cluster Funding


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