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Close-up of bwUniCluster by Robert Barthel, copyright: KIT (SCC)
Close-up of bwUniCluster © KIT (SCC)

On 17.03.2020, the Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) commissioned a new parallel computer system called "bwUniCluster 2.0+GFB-HPC" as a state service within the bwHPC framework. The bwUniCluster 2.0 replaces the predecessor system bwUniCluster and also includes the additional compute nodes which were procured as an extension to the bwUniCluster in November 2016.

The modern bwUniCluster 2.0 system consists of more than 840 SMP nodes with 64-bit Intel Xeon processors. It provides the universities of the state of Baden-Württemberg with general compute resources and can be used free of charge by the staff of all universities in Baden-Württemberg. Users who currently have access to bwUniCluster will automatically also have access to bwUniCluster 2.0. There is no need to apply for new entitlements or to re-register.

Overview: Currrently enforced security measures

Due to a security breach the following restrictions are currently being enforced:

  • A service password has to be set via the bwIDM system. The passwords valid at the home institutions can no longer be used.
  • Access is limited to IP addresses from within the campus networks of the respective home institutions of our current users. If you are outside of one of these networks (e.g. in your home office), a VPN connection to your home institution has to be established first (see e.g. [1] for the KIT).
  • SSH keys have been deactivated.
  • Direct SSH logins on the compute nodes are not possible.
  • The "SUID bit" cannot be used for files and directories.

Most of the restrictions mentioned above are planned to be lifted soon.


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