Issueing Entitlements in bwHPC

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The HPC systems provided by the bwHPC initiative are, as any supercomputer, considered dual-use commodities and are subjected to export controls as outlined in a guide about "supercomputers and export controls" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany (BMBF).

Therefore, any principal investigator or any user seeking to use the bwUnicluster or one of the bwForClusters has to comply with European Community Council regulation No 428/2009 as well as with the German Foreign Trade and Payments Act and German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance which includes:

  • no violation regarding embargoed countries and persons
  • no violation regarding regulations of dual-use commodities.

Acknowledged compliance to EU and German regulations (e.g. in a signed statement) is part of the entitlement for bwUniCluster/bwForCluster issued by the home organization of the principal investigator or user.