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Welcome to the bwHPC Wiki.

bwHPC represents services and resources in the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, for High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Intensive Computing (DIC) and Large Scale Scientific Data Management (LS2DM).

The main bwHPC web page is at

Many topics depend on the cluster system you use. First choose the cluster you use, then select the correct topic.

Courses / eLearning
Need Access to a Cluster?
HPC System Specific Documentation

bwHPC Clusters are dedicated to specific research domains. Documentation differs between compute clusters, please see cluster specific overview pages:

bwUniCluster 2.0 General Purpose, Teaching
bwForCluster JUSTUS 2 Theoretical Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics, and Quantum Sciences
bwForCluster Helix Computational Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science, Structural and Systems Biology, Medical Science, and Soft Matter
bwForCluster NEMO Neurosciences, Particle Physics, Materials Science, and Microsystems Engineering
bwForCluster BinAC Bioinformatics, Geosciences and Astrophysics.
bwHPC Clusters: operational status

Further Compute Clusters in Baden-Württemberg (separate access policies):

Documentation valid for all Clusters
Scientific Data Storage

For user guides of the scientific data storage services:

Associated, but local scientific storage services are:

Data Management

Support is provided by the bwHPC Competence Centers: