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1 Access to the bwForClusters and the bwForCluster for members of the University of Freiburg

1.1 Prerequisites

PLEASE NOTE: The synchronization between the Uni LDAP where the entitlement is registered first and the identity provider (IdP) of the Uni can take up one hour. Please check if the entitlement was already synchronized first (see step 1.1.1 above) before trying to register for Cluster (e.g. NEMO).

  • A valid University account (RZ account) is required for an access of the bwUniCluster and the bwForCluster.
  • To register for the bwForClusters you'll need the entitlement

for the bwUniCluster you'll need the entitlement

1.1.1 Check for existing Entitlements

If you want to check your entitlements visit the registration server for the cluster you want to register and select registration personal data / user properties:

Personal Data
bwUniCluster Karlsruhe
bwForCluster NEMO Freiburg
bwForCluster BinAC Tübingen
bwForCluster Chemistry JUSTUS Ulm
bwForCluster MLS&WISO

This should show your entitlements, e.g. (for Karlsruhe see Shibboleth -> urn:oid:
Where to find your Entitlements

1.1.2 Acquire Entitlement

  • To get a bwForCluster / bwUniCluster entitlement please fill out this form.

1.2 Registration and Login

For registration and login see following pages: