BwUniCluster2.0/FAQ - broadwell partition

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FAQs concerning best practice of bwUniCluster broadwell partition (aka "extension" partition).

1 Login

1.1 Are there separate login nodes for the bwUniCluster broadwell partition?

  • Yes, but primarily to be used for compiling code.

1.2 How to login to broadwell login nodes?

  • You can directly login on broadwell partition login nodes using
$ ssh
  • If you are compiling code on broadwell login nodes, your code will not optimally run on the new "Cascade Lake" nodes.

2 Compilation

2.1 How to compile code on broadwell (extension) nodes?

To use the code only on the partition multiple_e:

$ icc/ifort -xHost [-further_options]

2.2 How to compile code to be used on ALL partitions?

On uc1e (= extension) login nodes:

$ icc/ifort -xCORE-AVX2 -axCORE-AVX512 [-further_options]

3 Job execution

3.1 How to submit jobs to the broadwell (= extension) partition

The submitted job will be distributed either way to the broadwell nodes if specified correctly, i.e.:

$ sbatch -p multiple_e

3.2 Can I use my old multinode job script for the new broadwell partition?

Yes, but please note that all broadwell nodes do have 28 cores per node.