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The following changes have been introduced during the maintenance interval between on 07.11.2022 (Monday) 08:00 and 10.11.2022 (Thursday) 17:00.

The host key of the system have not changed. You should not receive any warnings by your SSH client(s), but if there should be a warning or if you want to check that you are connecting to the correct system, you can verify the key hashes using the following list:

Algorithm Hash (SHA256) Hash (MD5)
RSA p6Ion2YKZr5cnzf6L6DS1xGnIwnC1BhLbOEmDdp7FA0 59:2a:67:44:4a:d7:89:6c:c0:0d:74:ba:3c:c4:63:6d
ECDSA k8l1JnfLf1y1Qi55IQmo11+/NZx06Rbze7akT5R7tE8 85:d4:d9:97:e0:f0:43:30:6e:66:8e:d0:b6:9b:85:d1
ED25519 yEe5nJ5hZZ1YbgieWr+phqRZKYbrV7zRe8OR3X03cn0 42:d2:0d:ab:87:48:fc:1d:5d:b3:7c:bf:22:c3:5f:b7

1 Hardware

  • All firmware versions on all components were upgraded

2 Operating system

  • The operating system remains at RHEL 8.4 EUS
  • The Mellanox OFED InfiniBand Stack was updated to version 5.5-

3 Compilers, Libaries and Runtime Environments

  • The Intel Parallel Studio (Compiler, MKL, MPI) version 2019 modules were removed during the maintenance.
  • clang 9 and llvm 10 modules were removed

4 Userspace tools

5 Software Modules

6 Batch system

  • The Slurm version was upgraded to version 22.05.5
  • Pyxis Plugin version was upgraded to 0.14.0

7 Storage

  • Lustre client, BeeGFS client and Spectrum Scale client were updated

8 Graphics stack

  • The NVIDIA driver was upgraded to version 515.65.07
  • Cuda 11.7 was installed

9 Containers

10 JupyterHub