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module load devel/scorep
Availability bwUniCluster | BwForCluster_Chemistry
License BSD 3-clause License
Citing A. Knüpfer et al, Score-P: A Joint Performance Measurement Run-Time Infrastructure for Periscope, Scalasca, TAU, and Vampir, in Tools for High Performance Computing 2011, pages 79-91, Springer.
Links Homepage | Documentation | News Mailinglists | Bug Reports
Graphical Interface No
Included modules -

1 Introduction

The Score-P Project is a profiling and tracing library with supportive tools developed mainly by by the [VI-HPS] project.

2 Versions and Availability

On the command line interface of any bwHPC cluster you'll get a list of available versions by using the command module avail devel/scorep. Please note that Score-P installation may be hidden in the sense that it's dependent on the MPI, which in turn is dependent on the compiler. So while there are a multitude of compiler version's only some may feature an MPI, which offers tracing using Score-P. Please use module --ignore-cache spider to evaluate all possible installations.

$ : bwUniCluster 2.0
$ module load compiler/gnu/10.2 mpi/openmpi ; module avail devel/score
------------------------ /opt/bwhpc/common/modulefiles/Core -------------------------

3 Loading

Score-P may be loaded with a specific compiler and MPI:

$ module load compiler/gnu/10.2 mpi/openmpi devel/scorep

Check the installation of this Score-P instance using scorep-info here with some important output:

$ scorep-info config-summary
Loaded modules:
  module load                   compiler/gnu/10.2 \
                                mpi/openmpi/4.0 \
      PAPI support:             yes
      OpenCL support:           yes
        libOpenCL support:      yes, using -lOpenCL
      CUDA support:             yes
        libcudart support:      yes, using -I/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/include -L/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/lib64 -R/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/lib64 -lcudart
        libcuda support:        yes, using -L/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/targets/x86_64-linux/lib/stubs/ -R/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/targets/x86_64-linux/lib/stubs/ -lcuda
        libcupti support:       yes, using -I/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/include -I/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/extras/CUPTI/include -L/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/extras/CUPTI/lib64 -R/opt/bwhpc/common/devel/cuda/10.2/extras/CUPTI/lib64 -lcupti
        CUPTI async support:    yes
        CUDA version >= 6.0:    yes
      OpenMP support:           yes, using -fopenmp
        OpenMP pomp_tpd:        yes
        OpenMP ancestry:        yes

4 Documentation

For online documentation see the links section in the summary table at the top of this page. For local documentation please check the manual below the $SCOREP_DOC_DIR directory using a browser to:

firefox $SCOREP_DOC_DIR/scorep/html/

The man pages added are for the (sub-project) PAPI, i.e. the CPU performance counters.