Helix/Getting Started

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1 Get access to the cluster

Follow the registration process for a bwForCluster. -> bwForCluster registration

2 Login to the cluster

Setup service password and 2FA token and login to the cluster. -> Login

3 Transfer your data to the cluster

Get familiar with available file systems on the cluster. -> File Systems and Workspaces

Transfer your data to the cluster using appropriate tools. -> Data Transfer

4 Find information about installed software and examples

Compiler, Libraries and application software are provided as software modules. Learn how to work with software modules. -> Software Modules

5 Submit your application as a batch job

Get familiar with available nodes types on the cluster. -> Hardware and Architecture

Submit and monitor your jobs with Slurm commands. -> Batch System Slurm

6 Acknowledge the cluster

Remember to mention the cluster in your publications. -> Acknowledgement