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The main documentation is available via module help math/stata on the cluster. Most software modules for applications provide working example batch scripts.

Description Content
module load math/stata
License Commercial.
Links Homepage | Documentation
Graphical Interface Yes

1 Description

Stata is a software package for statistical computations in research and development. Many statistical methods are available.

2 General Usage

For Stata the following variants are available:

  • Stata/MP (MP = Multiprocessing)
  • Stata/SE (SE = Special Edition)
  • Stata/IC (IC=InterCooled)

The license allows the usage of the multiprocessing variant Stata/MP for up to 64 cores. Due to internal shared-memory parallelization you can expect a speed-up for large-scale applications. Working with Stata/MP does not differ from working with other Stata variants, but is recommended for performance. The graphical user interface and the statistical functions are the same. You do not have to care about parallelization; Stata/MP manages this for you.

After loading the Stata module with the following start-up commands are possible:

Stata/MP Stata/SE Stata/IC
Command line variant stata-mp stata-se stata
Graphical variant xstata-mp xstata-se xstata