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Step C: bwUniCluster Questionnaire

Please fill out the bwUniCluster questionnaire within 14 days after registration. Otherwise your login to the cluster will be deactivated. The information will only be used to improve our support activities and for capacity planning of future HPC resources.

Please complete the following steps:

1. Visit the page bwUniCluster Questionnaire.

2. Select your home organization from the list on the main page and click Proceed/Fortfahren.

3. You will be directed to the Identity Provider of your home organization. Enter the username and password of your home organization (usually these credentials are also used for other services like email) and click Login/Einloggen.

4. You will be redirected back to the questionnaire Please fill out the questionnaire, accept the terms of use and click Preview/Vorschau.

5. If everything is correct click Send/Abschicken.

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