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The bwUniCluster entitlement (see eduPersonEntitlement) issued by a university assures the operator of the bwUniCluster that its university member's compute activities comply with the German Foreign Trade Act (Außenwirtschaftsgesetz - AWG) und German Foreign Trade Regulations (Außenwirtschaftsverordnung - AWV).

1 Step A: bwUniCluster Entitlement

To register for the bwUniCluster 2.0 you need the bwUniCluster Entitlement issued by your university.


The entitlement is called bwUniCluster (and not bwUniCluster 2.0) and each university assigns the entitlement only for its own members.

If you are not sure if you already have an entitlement, please check it first with the Check your Entitlements guide below. If you need the entitlement, please follow the link for your institution or contact your local service desk if no information is provided:

1.1 Check your Entitlements

To make sure you do not already have the entitlement, please log in to To see the list of your entitlements, first select the Shibboleth tab at the top. If the list below urn:oid: contains

you already have the entitlement and can skip step A.

Attention.svg is an attribute and not a link! See bwUniCluster und bwForCluster for more information about needed attributes for this service.

Verify Entitlement.

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