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Step B: bwUniCluster Registration

After you have completed step A, you need to register for the bwUniCluster service. To do this, please visit and complete the following steps.

1. Select your home organization from the list on the main page and click Proceed/Fortfahren.

Select your home organization

2. You will be directed to the Identity Provider of your home organization. Enter the username and password of your home organization (usually these credentials are also used for other services like email) and click Login/Einloggen.

3. You will be redirected back to the registration page When you log in to bwIDM for the first time, an overview will appear, with the account information that your home institution submits to the system. Please verify that all data is valid and then click Continue/Weiter.

4. After you have successfully logged into the bwIDM system, you will be greeted by a welcome screen that displays all the statewide services you have access to. There you will find a field labeled bwUniCluster 2.0. Click Register/Registrieren to start the registration process.

Register for bwUniCluster service.

If you do not see the service, then you are probably missing the necessary entitlement. Go to step A to check this.

5. The bwUniCluster uses a 2-factor authentication (2FA) mechanism to increase security. If you have never registered a 2FA token on bwIDM, the following error message will appear:

Second factor missing.

Use this link or select My Tokens in the main menu. To register a new token, please follow these instructions. Please complete this step before continuing.

6. Read the Terms of Use (Nutzungsbedingungen und -richtlinien), place a check mark next to I have read and accepted the terms of use and click Register/Registrieren.

7. Set a service password for the bwUniCluster and click Save/Speichern. Be sure to use a secure password that is different from any other passwords you currently use or have used on other systems.

Set service password

A login with the password of your home organization, as with the former bwUniCluster 1.0, is no longer possible.

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