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1 Login to the Clusters


Access to the clusters (bwUniCluster/bwForCluster) is restricted to IP addresses of universities/colleges from Baden-Württemberg (BelWü network). If you are outside the BelWü network (e.g. at home), you must first establish a VPN connection to your home university or a connection to an SSH jump host at your home university.

After completing the web registration and setting a service password the HPC cluster is ready for your SSH based login. The following options for SSH connections are recommended:

  • Linux/MacOS: Use the ssh command (OpenSSH) in a terminal application.
  • Windows: Use the MobaXterm application. Alternatively, you can use virtual machines to run native Linux applications such as SSH. An easy way to use Linux on Windows is to install the "Windows Subsystem for Linux".

Every cluster has its own documentation for login.

2 General Login Information

Following sub-pages go into deeper detail about the following topics:

These pages are also referenced in the cluster-specific login documentations.

3 Allowed Activities on Login Nodes


To guarantee usability for all the users of clusters you must not run your compute jobs on the login nodes. Compute jobs must be submitted to the queuing system. Any compute job running on the login nodes will be terminated without any notice. Any long-running compilation or any long-running pre- or post-processing of batch jobs must also be submitted to the queuing system.

The login nodes of the bwHPC clusters are the access point to the compute system, your $HOME directory and your workspaces. These nodes are shared with all the users therefore, your activities on the login nodes are limited to primarily set up your batch jobs. Your activities may also be:

  • short compilation of your program code and
  • short pre- and post-processing of your batch jobs.