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1 Login Username

All members of universities and colleges in Baden-Württemberg can use the bwHPC resources. Prefixes are used to ensure that the usernames assigned by the home organization are unique within the state. The username for the bwHPC clusters is the same as the one assigned by the university or college, but it is prefixed with two letters for the home institution.


Users from the KIT, don't need a prefix on the bwUniCluster.

There are two ways to find out your username for the bwForCluster and the bwUniCluster:

1.1 Get your Username by adding a Prefix to your local Account Name


If your university is not listed in the bwIDM Membership Table, please ask your university to join bwIDM or update the table.

If you want to use a bwForCluster you need to add a prefix to your local username. But there is one exception:

  • If you want to use the bwUniCluster and you are not a member of KIT, you also need to add a prefix.
  • BUT: KIT users do not need to use a prefix on the bwUniCluster.

The username is constructed as follows (see Examples below):

<prefix>_<local username>

1.1.1 Prefix for Universities of Applied Sciences

For universities see table below, users from the HAW BW e.V. or a university of applied sciences should use this table updated by bwIDM as a guideline:

1.1.2 Prefix for Universities

User from University Prefix Username bwUniCluster Username bwForCluster
Universität Freiburg fr fr_<username>
Universität Heidelberg hd hd_<username>
Universität Hohenheim ho ho_<username>
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) ka <username> ka_<username>
Universität Konstanz kn kn_<username>
Universität Mannheim ma ma_<username>
Universität Stuttgart st st_<username>
Universität Tübingen tu tu_<username>
Universität Ulm ul ul_<username>

1.1.3 Examples

  • If you are a member of the University of Konstanz and your local username is ab1234, your username on any bwHPC cluster is kn_ab1234.
  • If your local username for the university is vwxyz1234 and you are a user of the University of Freiburg, your username on any bwHPC cluster is fr_vwxyz1234.
  • If you are from Aalen University and your username is xyzs12342, your username for any bwHPC cluster is aa_xyzs12342.
  • KIT users logging into a bwForCluster must use a prefix. If you are a KIT user and your username is pxd27239, your login name for a bwForCluster would be ka_pxd27239.
  • If your KIT username is pxd27239,you can use the same username for the bwUniCluster.

1.2 Find out your Username by visiting the Registration Service

Alternatively, you can log in to the registration service and verify your username online. To do this, follow the next steps:

1. Select the cluster you want to know your username for:
bwUniCluster 2.0

2. Select your home organization from the list and click Proceed.

3. Enter your home-organisational user ID / username and your home-organisational password and click Login button.

4. You will be redirected back to the registration website.

5. Find the cluster entry and select Registry Info.

Check Registry Info.

6. Depending on the registration service, you will see one of the following entries. See Username for login or localUid for your username.

Username for login (newer registration services).
Username for login in localUid (older registration services).