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1 Login


Access to NEMO is limited to IP addresses from the BelWü network. All home institutions of our current users are connected to BelWü, so if you are on your campus network (e.g. in your office or on the campus WiFi) you should be able to connect to NEMO without restrictions. If you are outside one of the BelWü networks (e.g. at home), a VPN connection to the home institution or a connection to an SSH jump host at the home institution must be established first.

After registration (registration procedure at Registration/bwForCluster), the bwForCluster NEMO can be accessed via a Secure Shell like ssh on Linux and Mac or MobaXterm on Windows. Please refer further to Information for already registered users at the bottom of the bwForCluster registration page, especially the Login Guide.

1.1 Hostnames for NEMO

There are two login nodes for NEMO login1 and login2.

login1:   # alias for login1

1.2 SSH form Linux or Mac

See Login Guide.

From linux machines, you can log in using

ssh <UserID>   # alias for login1
ssh <UserID>
ssh <UserID>

To run graphical applications, you can use the -X or -Y flag to openssh:

ssh -Y -l <UserID>
ssh -Y -l <UserID>

For better performance on slow connections you should use e.g. VNC.

1.3 SSH from Windows

See Login Guide.

Start MobaXterm, fill in the following fields:

Remote name              :    # or,
Specify user name        : <UserID>
Port                     : 22

After that click on 'ok'. Then a terminal will be opened and there you can enter your credentials.

1.4 About UserID / Username

See Login Guide.

1.5 Example

So if your local username for the University is vwxyz1234 and you are a user from the University of Freiburg this would combine to:

 ssh -l fr_vwxyz1234

1.6 Allowed activities on login nodes

See Allowed Activities on Login Nodes in the Login Guide.

We advise users to use interactive jobs for compute and memory intensive tasks like compiling.

2 Password Reset

See Password Guide.

3 De-registration

See De-registration Guide.

4 Further reading